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Mr. jacket distributes kits knives professionals, paring knives, decorative knives, briefcases service DEGLON the brand. A French manufacturing quality assurance, knives are guaranteed for life.

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    Aluminum case, 17 pieces of kitchen knives. Case with an individually changeable combination lock. The aluminum is 100% recyclable.

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    This briefcase full of pastry is particulèrement and complies with competition (CAP, BEP). 25 parts pastry excercer your skills, delivered in an aluminum case closed by code.Pour see the detailed components of the kit click more.

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    Ideal complement each briefcase patissier, with this tool you will not miss any cuisson.Apppareil comes with a protective sleeve and one LR44 battery.

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    This paring knife is naturally effective in its line and its ergonomic shape makes holding and handling, for a true ease of use and accuracy of work.The paring knife is the knife used by most cooks they are amateurs or professionals.

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    The Fillet knife color range offers cutting DEGLON very précise.Il is the result of study and test appronfondis and benefits of the latest advances technologiques.L 'hygiene is reinforced with a polymer handle bacteriostatic which avoids transmisssion bacteria.

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    The line of this chef's knife or slicer is naturally effective. Its ergonomic shape and the steel used makes keeping and handling, providing true comfort and fits very précise.L use of a polymer handle bacteriostatic prevents transmission of bacteria and allows the cleaning washing washer.

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    DEGLON.La carving knife blade is laser cut in alloys spécifique.le thermal treatment is carried out under a hydrogen atmosphere and cryogénique.La assembly technology anti-bacterial handle has integrated design and ergonomics, for precision cutting

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    Kit decorating fruits and vegetables 6 pièces.1 love spoon, spoon in one apple, one décofruit, décozest 1, 1 apple corer, peeler 1.

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