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Linen and battens are essential elements of jobs in hotels and kitchens. Necessary for daily practice of a cook or server, our towels and our strips are manufactured with the utmost care and quality.

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    Our towels are very durable and wipe the lenses without a trace. Used in cooking these 100% cotton towels will avoid burns when some cooking utensils are high temperature.

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    Lot 10 special cloths professionnel.Sèche quickly mains.Enlève easily capilarité.Séchage liquid surfaces by ultra fast cloth avoiding microbienne.doux proliferation contact approved long lasting and easy maintenance cutané.Efficacité.

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    Set of 6 tea microfibre.capture dust by capillary action, natural degreasing power, long-term efficiency, ultra fast drying preventing microbial growth, clean and perfect finish.

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