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For a professional outfit is complete, it is often necessary to add accessories. In this part of our catalog, you will find many accessories, tie the cap through the cap, the neck or the battens or tea.

  • cap, hat

    Essential basic hygiene in the cooking profession, our shop offers several models headgear, your professional outfit will be perfect and without being inesthétique.Ces products are certified by HACCP.

  • Cloth and batten

    Linen and battens are essential elements of jobs in hotels and kitchens. Necessary for daily practice of a cook or server, our towels and our strips are manufactured with the utmost care and quality.

  • Disposable

    For impeccable hygiene in your restaurant, it is sometimes necessary to use disposable items such as gloves, headwear or aprons or toques.Vous can order the best price, all these disposable products

  • Embroidery

    A custom kitchen apron the best effect Because every detail counts, Mr. Jacket offers the opportunity to acquire a personalized kitchen apron. Different fonts are available for listing your first and last names. For professionals, the jacket embroidered kitchen is also an opportunity to showcase the logo of the restaurant. Individuals food lovers will appreciate this jacket embroidered cook that is sure to impress guests.

  • Knives

    Mr. jacket distributes kits knives professionals, paring knives, decorative knives, briefcases service DEGLON the brand. A French manufacturing quality assurance, knives are guaranteed for life.